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Enhance Shadow IT Visibility

Identify cloud and shadow IT assets to effectively manage your real attack surface.

How it works
How it works

Detect forgotten and unsanctioned assets

Find all your public-facing assets, including hidden and noncompliant cloud resources and other forms of shadow IT.

external assets

Establish new asset-to-asset connections

Map and assess the strength and characteristics of the relationships between newly found and known assets.

establish asset-to-asset connections

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities

Scan cloud and shadow IT assets for security gaps and analyze vulnerability intelligence to plan remediation efforts.

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Broad, Accelerated Shadow IT Discovery

    Complete Inventory

    Access catalogs of all your Internet-facing assets and their issues.

  • Cloud-Specific Vulnerability Identification

    Cloud Provider Integrations

    Integrate your cloud assets across popular cloud service providers.

  • Tackle Shadow IT Risks

    Deeper Context

    Explore your assets’ health, connections, discovery paths, and dependencies.

What security experts say

  • Attaxion found assets we didn't know existed. The platform also identifies new assets and security issues over time and provides useful context.

    Information Security Officer

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