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Protect external assets to prevent business interruption, IP theft, and PII leaks.

How it works
How it works

Find all assets tied to your public-facing IT environment

Obtain and maintain visibility over public-facing assets that threat actors may target.

Continuously Monitor Your Attack Surface

Identify and evaluate your risk exposure

Find and evaluate security gaps in your entire digital perimeter based on their severity and potential impact.

Prioritize Vulnerabilities, Automate Remediation

Safeguard platforms, user accounts, and intellectual property

Continuously scan your whole public-facing IT environment for new assets and security issues.

  • Protect User Accounts and PII

    Superior Coverage

    Discover twice as many external assets across varied asset types.

  • Avoid Operational and Reputational Damage

    Third-Party Integration

    Integrate project management and ticketing tools to streamline remediation.

  • Secure Intellectual Property

    Deeper Context

    Drill down on each asset’s health, security risks, and connections.

What security experts say

  • We constantly release new digital products. Attaxion automatically tracks our new assets and vulnerabilities, saving us a lot of time.

    Director of IT Operations

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