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Risk Remediation

Effectively tackle your critical security issues and minimize risk exposure.

How it works
How it works

Access deep vulnerability intelligence

Gather detailed context about the major risks affecting your external assets, along with guidelines for remediation.

Risk remediation

Plan and assign remediation tasks

Manage remediation efforts by planning tasks, creating tickets, and alerting task owners on designated channels.

Thoroughly Validate Each Asset Discovered

Track and report progress

Stay on top of remediation activities by monitoring progress and keeping relevant team members and stakeholders informed.

Stay Focused in a Dynamic Environment
  • High-Velocity Remediation

    Deeper Context

    Examine CWEs and CVEs IDs, time stamps, and other vulnerability metadata.

  • High-Visibility Remediation

    Third-Party Integrations

    Integrate your favorite project management and ticketing tools.

  • Gain the Upper Hand

    C-Level Reporting

    Know your assets’ health and overall security posture at a glance.

What security experts say

  • Attaxion found assets we didn't know existed. The platform also identifies new assets and security issues over time and provides useful context.

    Information Security Officer

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