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Continuous Monitoring

Maintain complete visibility over your Internet-facing assets and security issues.

How it works
How it works

Scan and validate new assets

Find and catalog new external assets as your digital infrastructure expands.

Obtain a Comprehensive Inventory of Your Internet-Facing Assets in Minutes

Review emerging vulnerabilities

Automatically scan all your assets for known and new vulnerabilities and other security issues.

Monitor your overall risk

Manage the health of your whole public-facing infrastructure and its aggregated exposure to threats.

Manage assets health
  • Monitoring You Can Trust

    Superior Coverage

    Keep discovering twice as many true assets and associated vulnerabilities.

  • In Sync with Your Operations

    Updated Inventory

    Track your evolving attack surface with dedicated asset and issue catalogs.

  • Gain the Upper Hand

    Event Reporting

    Log all user- and system-generated events impacting your assets.

What security experts say

  • We constantly release new digital products. Attaxion automatically tracks our new assets and vulnerabilities, saving us a lot of time.

    Director of IT Operations

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