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Secure external assets from attacks targeting healthcare systems and patient data.

How it works
How it works

Uncover all public-facing assets

Identify and catalog all assets behind connected medical systems and remote services.

Continuously Monitor Your Attack Surface

Tackle security issues that can disrupt patient care

Detect security gaps in your public-facing infrastructure and evaluate them based on their severity and relevance.

Prioritize Vulnerabilities, Automate Remediation

Protect healthcare operations and connected medical systems

Continuously find new assets and emerging security risks to minimize exposure to disruptive cyber attacks.

  • Protect High-Value Patient Information

    Superior Coverage

    Uncover twice as many assets across web-facing systems and networks.

  • Prevent Ransomware Attacks and Their Life-Threatening Effects

    Complete Inventory

    Access comprehensive catalogs of exposed assets and their issues.

  • Comply with Healthcare Regulations

    C-Level Reporting

    Assess your security posture at a glance and drill down on each issue.

What security experts say

  • Attaxion found assets we didn't know existed. The platform also identifies new assets and security issues over time and provides useful context.

    Information Security Officer

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