Vulnerability Prioritization

Identify and evaluate your most critical security issues before attackers can exploit them.

How it works
How it works

Uncover issues and vulnerabilities

Access a comprehensive catalog of the security issues affecting your external assets.

Identify critical security gaps

Evaluate severity and relevance

Prioritize issues based on severity and risk, considering the number of affected assets and their business criticality.

Detect and evaluate security gaps

Access deep vulnerability intelligence

Gather detailed context on prioritized issues by leveraging rich vulnerability intelligence sources.

Plan and automate remediation
  • Dynamic Risk Scoring

    Superior Coverage

    Discover twice as many assets and more vulnerabilities for each.

  • Laser-Focused Prioritization

    Detailed Reporting

    Easily sort and filter issues by name, asset type, and affected root asset.

  • Gain the Upper Hand

    Deeper Context

    Explore vulnerabilities’ CWE and CVE IDs, timestamps, and other metadata.

What security experts say

  • Setting up Attaxion was very straightforward. The automated scanning of our web assets and prioritization of critical vulnerabilities save our security analysts many workhours.

    Director of IT Operations

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